Dental Crowns in Tulsa, OK

Dental crowns can repair a crooked or fractured smile effectively. Esthetic crowns are an excellent method to improve the look of your teeth. They do not require any filling material, and they may be manufactured from various materials.

What is the Difference Between Dental Crowns & Veneers?

Dental crowns and veneers are both types of tooth restoration. Both improve the look of teeth; both improve appearance and usefulness when done by a specialist dentist. A major distinction is that veneers only cover the front of a tooth, whereas a crown covers the entire tooth. Veneers are more prone to chip and break than crowns, and while they are less expensive, they are not usually covered by dental insurance. Dental Crowns are meant to endure for the rest of your life if cared for properly. They're covered by most dental insurance and should last as long as you take good care of them.

Why are Dental Crowns a Better Option?

A crown is a more permanent substitute for dentistry since it is designed to last and function similarly to your natural teeth. A crown should be your first choice for tooth restoration because they are less likely to break due to durability, look and function like natural teeth, protect your natural teeth from further decay, and can be brushed with your natural teeth, not needing removal like dentures.

What are Dental Crowns Made of?

Metal, porcelain, and other substances are used to provide the appearance of natural teeth with aesthetic dental crowns. A porcelain crown is best for front-facing teeth, but a metal bonded crown may also be utilized. Your crown will be matched to blend in well with surrounding teeth. Dr. Casler will suggest the most effective method for you.

High-Quality Dental Implants in Tulsa, OK

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