Reinvigorate Your Smile With Our Premium Esthetic Crowns

If you have a chipped or uneven smile, you might hate smiling. However, there's a way to give you a more pleasant-looking smile. Not only can crowns improve your smile, but they can also provide a number of oral hygiene benefits. At Casler Dental Group, we can help improve your dental health and smile with crowns.

Wearing Esthetic Crowns Might Transform Your Image

Esthetic crowns line the rim of your teeth elegantly. They make your smile appear more polished and can boost your confidence. We've helped tons of clients clean up their look by reimagining their smiles. If you're in the Jenks area, let us transform yours as well.

Crowns Have Plenty of Other Benefits Too

Our esthetic crowns are important for a number of reasons on top of making you look great. Exposed cracks are a magnet for tough bits of food. Food can wedge deeper into these cracks, and that can cause dental problems. At some point, something could impact a nerve, sending searing pain straight to the brain. Our esthetic crowns will keep those teeth sealed, so nothing penetrates them. Some benefits of crowns include:

  • Protect damaged teeth: Teeth aren't as durable as you may think. They'll get the job done and look great while doing it—as long as you take care of them. If you've got some wear-and-tear on your teeth, crowns may be the right choice. They can keep your teeth from deteriorating further.
  • Realign your bite: Custom molds fit atop each tooth. Designed by hand, they make biting down effortless. A misaligned bite can make chewing difficult. With some of these on your teeth, you should notice significant improvements.
  • Improve your confidence: A broken tooth can cause you to be more self-conscious and smile less. Thankfully, these dental molds appear as natural as the real thing, so you'll be able to get your smile back.

Our Team Molds Them for You

At Casler Dental Group, each client gets our undivided attention, ensuring superior service. Making these moldings isn't a one-sided process either. Say you'd like something a little sturdier. In that case, something made of porcelain might not pass the test, since it is more fragile. Instead, we'll walk you through all the options, and you can pick whatever suits you best.

If you're ready to get a dental crown, contact our office today to set up an appointment.