Teeth Extraction in Tulsa, OK

Why a Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary

Many young people get their wisdom teeth removed. However, tooth extraction may be necessary for other reasons. A tooth infection, tooth decay, and crowding can be a few reasons why an extraction is needed.

Getting braces may require removing a tooth or two so other teeth can shift into the right place. Individuals who must do chemotherapy treatment or are having an organ transplant may have to remove unhealthy teeth to maintain oral health.

Teeth extraction is an outpatient procedure that requires local, intravenous, and/or general anesthesia. Taking out a visible tooth is a simple procedure. However, broken, or impacted teeth are more complicated to remove. Dr. Conrad C. Casler, Jr. D.D.S. at Casler Dental Group has experience in performing extractions.

Preparing for Teeth Extraction

Before the procedure, an X-ray of the tooth will be done. You should inform Dr. Casler of the medications, vitamins, and supplements you take. You also want to let us know if you are being treated for another health condition that involves the intravenous drug bisphosphonate. Drug interactions can lead to bone death.

You also want to let Dr. Casler know if you are diabetic, have a congenital heart defect, thyroid disease, heart issues, an impaired immune system, and other health issues you may be suffering from. This is to make sure you are in a stable condition before the tooth extraction. Furthermore, Dr. Casler may need to prescribe you antibiotics if you have a weakened immune system.

If you know you will get intravenous anesthesia, choose a short-sleeved shirt. Also, avoid eating or drinking six to eight hours before the extraction procedure. If you have a cold, you may need to reschedule the appointment. For general anesthesia, make sure you have someone to take you home.

Simple vs. Surgical Teeth Extraction

With a simple teeth extraction, you will be given local anesthesia. You should only feel pressure during the extraction. A tool called the elevator is used to loosen the tooth, and it is removed with forceps.

With surgical extraction, you will need both local and intravenous anesthesia. Intravenous anesthesia will make you feel at ease. If medical conditions come up, you may also need general anesthesia.

A small incision will be cut into your gum. The bone around the tooth may also have to be removed. In some instances, the tooth may have to be cut out before it is extracted.

Finding a Dentist

Dr. Casler at Casler Dental Group has years of expertise in extractions and performing other dental procedures in Tulsa, OK. Contact us at 918-477-7677 today for an appointment.